About Us

We are a general ship supplier where we hope to be the best and simplest alternative to the maritime industry in Egypt. We provide a 24/7/365 service for every marine, offshore & naval operation. We are a full service provider, including handling of the owner's consignments, logistics and related services that can meet the demands of our customers We take pride in making it easy for our customer to receive their supplies, wherever they are needed, efficiently and at the best possible price – this is encapsulated in our mission. Our head office and the company’s service station are located in Port Said near the biggest Egyptian ports and equidistant to all the other ports of Egypt.

Mission - Vision

Developing the services and freight culture in the Middle East, we believe that our country & company has the resources and material possibilities; it lays the true wealth of the human element to raise efficiency through improving the work environment in our company.

Being the navigation reference & Guru for marine and shipping services in the Middle East.

Our Values

• Professionalism and competence

• Responsibility

• Team spirit

• Corporate and personal leadership​

• Openness to cooperation, and flexibility


Anchor Marine Services Co. provides the full range of Ship supplies, and offers items from the IMPA/ISSA catalogs and beyond, to all public ports, terminals, and anchorages throughout Egypt. We maintain stocks of the most commonly supplied items in our spacious and advanced warehouse, so that we can supply them on request, even during holidays, weekends, simply 24×7. This warehousing unit is staffed by experienced and well-trained professionals. We are a one-stop destination for all kinds of ship requirements.


Timing, accuracy and speed are essential within this process. We have own labeling system which always assures that all your ordered items are in place ready to be delivered

Bonded stores

Our customers have access to an extensive range of high-quality selection of bonded stores. We offer direct onboard delivery of most world-famous brands of soft drinks, tobacco, cigarettes, cigars, electronics and others.

Engine, deck & cabin stores

We collaborate with leading brands to provide our customers an array of stores


• We arrange service, inspection and maintenance of lifeboats, liferafts and rescue boats, inspection and certification of all FFE, LSA, GMDSS, communication and navigational equipment.

Spare Parts

Our services go much further than warehousing and transport. We also arrange custom clearance and delivery directly on board vessel, Anchor Marine Services Co. is a specialized company dealing with marine spare parts receiving

British Admiralty Charts, NTMs, Nautical Publications

We strive to enhance customer satisfaction by delivering always at the best price latest editions of all kinds of charts, NTMs, Nautical Publications such as ASD, ALRS, Almanacs and many more.

Lifesaving equipment supply

• Pilot & embarkation ladders • Safety belts and lines • Lifejackets, Inflatable lifejackets and lifebuoys

Firefighting equipment supply

Portable and movable fire-extinguishers • Breathing apparatuses • EEBD (emergency escape breathing devices)

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