Anchor MArine Co


• Professionalism and competence Anchor Marine Services Co. offer services and solutions to ensure global shipping safety. This fact implies the constant improvement and development of our professional competence, an open mind to new ideas and approaches. We appreciate evaluation and follow customers’ and partners’ feedback.

• Responsibility Anchor Marine Services Co. takes responsibility for all our activities, and the environment wherever we operate. It is important for us to maintain a company’s business on an environmentally friendly and financially viable basis, today and in the future.

• Team spirit Anchor Marine Services Co. is a team of young, energetic, and like-minded people who respect and believe in our colleagues. We help each other to grow, develop and work productively to achieve the vision and fulfill the mission of the company.

• Corporate and personal leadership Anchor Marine Services Co. relentlessly strives to be leaders in the field of shipping safety. Our leadership’s success is based on employing talented employees and efficient application of advanced technologies.

• Openness to cooperation, and flexibility Anchor Marine Services Co.'s work is completely open and transparent. We cooperate and interact within and outside the company, and always react quickly to emerging challenges. We are customer-oriented and always ready to provide the best solutions, as and when our clients deem it necessary.